Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Order a Custom Hat?

YES! Eileen  welcomes  custom  orders.  She  creates  a  design  that  is  unique  and  is  a  reflection  of  the  style  that  pleases  you.  Giving  consideration  to  coordinating   the    color  and  the  occasion .

Are all Eileen’s hats One Of A Kind ?

YES! a design is never duplicated .Each hat arrives with a Certificate Of Authenticity and recorded number . 

Are the Runway Fashions available for purchase ?

Most  of  the  runway  garments  are  listed  for  sale  after  shows  .  However  there  is  only  one  in  what  ever  size  it  may  be. Eileen  has   a  huge  inventory  of  runway  fashions  in  all  sizes that  are  not  listed  . If  the  shown  item  is  not  your  size  contact  Eileen  and  she  will  be  happy  to  check  her  inventory  for  a  another  gorgeous garment  that  will  complete  the  look.

Which Hat Style will Suit Me Best?

It  is  true  every  woman  is  more  beautiful  in  a  hat  but  just  as  the  hats  are  one  of  a  kind  so  too  each  woman  is  unique .  

In  selecting  the  right  hat  one  must  consider,  personality,  color  enhancement  ,  shape  and  of  course  the  occasion  to  design  or  choose  a  hat  or  fascinator  that  will  be  the  most  flattering  and  elevate  the  look  to  the  next  level. Runway fashions available to complete the look

Where can the hats be purchased?

We are currently selling online, at occasional pop-up shops and by appointment only at our designer boutique in Forest Hills, Maryland. 

Do you Design Derby, Preakness and Belmont Hats / Fascinators

YES! Eileen  has  a  wide  variety  of Derby   fascinators  and  hats available  but  many  are  not  yet    listed  .  So  please  inquire  if  you  do  not  see  exactly  what  you  are  looking  for. runway fashions  are also  available to complete the look    

What style hat is most suited to a business meeting?

A Fedora is an excellent choice. It is tailored ,  and has the look of authority , a power hat .